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Last Updated: May 2016

PowerPoint ® Add-in

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Terms & Conditions


The software provided is copyright protected © 2016, All Rights are Reserved.


No warranty what-so-ever, express or implied, is offered with the software. It does not mess with the content of a presentation in any way other than to automatically set the bullet numbering start number on the shapes indicated by the user.

However, I do guarantee that files downloaded from this site do not contain any viruses, malware or spy ware.


Refunds will not be given. The buyer has the opportunity to trial the software for 30 days. If it is not found to be fit for purpose on your system configuration then you should not buy it. But I would like to know your configuration so that I can attempt to find out why.

Language Translations

The add-in is programmed to deliver dialogs/messages in English, French, Spanish and German. Translation was done using Google’s translator. If you find the translations hilarious or downright rude I apologise and would be grateful to anyone who could provide me with corrections.

If I sell enough copies of the software I may employ a lawyer to write a better set of terms and conditions and develop the add-in further.


This site does not use cookies or store email addresses. During purchasing you are directed to the PayPal website. Your email address is requested there so that we can send you the download link for the software.


By buying this software you are entitled to use it on any and all machines you personally use. You are not allowed sell the software to anyone else. Please do not allow other people to use your add-in, they should buy their own copy.