PowerPoint ® Add-in

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Last Updated: May 2016

PowerPoint ® Add-in

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Screen Shots

There isn’t much to see with static screen shots but on each of these slides the shapes are linked so that the right hand shapes pick up their start numbers from the shape to their left.

The leftmost shape on the first slide is not linked to any other shape but provides the start number for shapes that are linked to it.

The leftmost shape on the second slide is linked to the rightmost shape on the first slide.

The remaining shapes on the second slide are linked in the same way as the shapes on the first slide.

Changes to the numbering on the first shape of the first slide ripples through to all the shapes. Add extra bullet points to any shape on either slide and the effect automatically ripples through to all the following shapes. Note: where numbering continues across slides the following slides are updated when visited. You can click the Renumber All button to force the whole presentation numbering to be updated.

Second Slide

First Slide

Watch the Video


Note: The video will open in a new window so that you can clearly see what is happening.