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Last Updated: July 2016

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NormanZ PowerPoint® Add-ins and Templates

Primarily aimed at the education market, NormanZ add-ins and templates provide functionality which does not (currently) exist in PowerPoint®  and aim to improve productivity by saving you time.

The continuous auto-numbering add-in provides the ability to create continuous numbered bullet lists which span shapes and slides. Changes to the numbering on one shape are automatically propagated to following slides and shapes, when so linked.

The levelling template enables teachers to create single PowerPoint® presentations which can be used with students of different  ability levels. For example you could produce a presentation which includes foundation and higher content yet have the higher content only display if a higher level is chosen when you show the presentation. In industry this could be used to hide details from some target audiences such as discount rates etc.

Above all, the add-ins and templates are extremely in-expensive at only £2 each for unlimited use by an individual. The aim is to fund the survival of this website.

Please read the products pages for more details.

On my free stuff pages you will find a number of things. My solution for internationalisation of a VBA project and some VBA snippets you may find useful.

The links page provides links to other PowerPoint® related websites which you may find of some assistance for your own projects.