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Last Updated: July 2016

PowerPoint ®  Stuff

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Whilst developing my PowerPoint® add-in and template I’ve had to learn a lot of things which I found (after much struggling) on the web. I have collated some VBA snippets etc here for you, in the hope it saves you the time and effort.


This section shows you how I tackled the problem of presenting the add-in and template dialogs in the language setting of the current machine. It includes a macro enabled Excel spreadsheet which enables you to manage your messages in one place and generates two VBA modules to use in your own projects.

VBA Snippets

Useful (I hope) pieces of VBA for accessing the PowerPoint slides and objects.


This explains how to use the free Ribbon editor to create your own ribbon. More importantly, if you want to keep all your macros on your own ribbon tab then this shows you how to do that.


PowerPoint sends out a number of events which your VBA code can intercept and use. This page provides a direct link to the PPTools website where I found that information.