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Last Updated: July 2016

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Continuous Auto-Numbering Add-in

This PowerPoint® add-in addresses a bullet numbering issue which has existed since PowerPoint® first hit the streets.

Ever wanted to continue auto-numbering from one shape to another, even across slides? That isn’t something PowerPoint® does out of the box.

When I was teaching ICT I often needed to create slides which led students step by step. Bullet numbering was essential to ensure my audience could keep track of where we were.

Unfortunately, sometimes the number of steps meant splitting the list over two or more slides to keep the text a readable size in the classroom.

Resetting the start number on each slide was a royal pain when I wanted to insert a new slide or a new step in the middle of a sequence of slides.

This add-in allows you to continue the bullet numbering from one shape to another on the same slide or across slides automatically. Add a new step in the list on the first sldie and all following slides are automatically updated.

The add-in is programmed to present dialogs in English (default), French, Spanish and German.

Please visit the download page to obtain your copy.

Auto-Numbering Add-in

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